Can't Let The City Down: That time Jnr Brown, Jungle and Cal_Vin went to war for their cities

Ego, beef and diss tracks are as synonymous with Hip-Hop as mayonnaise, below par patties and suspect sauce are with hood burgers. In America (the cradle of this genre we love so much) lives have even been lost and lines have been crossed as rappers tried to outdo each other and represent were they came from with pride better yet patriotism. A similar chain of events minus the bloodshed of course (though slaps were reportedly dished out) unfolded last year as Jnr Brown declared kingship over every part of the country only to have his claims to the throne disputed by Masvegas native Jungle and Bulawayo's very own Cal_Vin.

The affair started in the early stages of the year when Breezy released a high octane track titled We Run It  soon after the Hip-Hop awards namedropping Luveve (Cal_Vin is oft referred to as DAT Luveve Boy), Masvingo and almost every other part of the country and the continent as part of his kingdom. The joint contained many shots some clear and others not so clear and rapper dudes and fans alike went into a frenzy trying to match every line with a potential victim.New niggaz (whoever they are),Beefy Harrison Awards and an unnamed Masvingo rapper (speculation was rife if  Masvegas legend Noble Stylz was the rapper in question) were all honorary recipients of shade in the joint. To differentiate himself from the peeps he had thrown jabs at Jnr Brown went into floss overdrive claiming he had bought whips with rap money and had been around the world unlike his peers before stating matter of factly that he had inspired uptown rappers who used to predominantly rap in English to try and rap in Shona.

With all the hype around the song it wasn't long before the replies started coming in,some good, some bad and some not even worth a mention. The most scathing reply however came from Jungle Bango an immensely underrated Masvingo wordsmith known for complex multisyllabic rhymes. So scathing was his reply that up to this day nobody in Breezy's camp wants him near their work (BSun called him an unprintable word just recently after Synik suggested an all star joint featuring Sharky, Synik, Jungle, Awa etc.). Jungle claimed Breezy was nothing but an overrated industry hooker (Jnr Brown has been known to kill hooks from time to time) who only rose to prominence thanks to Tehn Diamond. Jungle also told Breezy matter of factly that he was nothing more than a Wacka Flocka trying to fool people into believing he was a Kendrick and claimed Breezy only dissed the awards when it suited him (ironically Breezy was to accept the very same Beefy Harrison awards he had downplayed months later).Popular opinion was Jungle took all three points home and team Masvingo got its pride back.

Cal_Vin whose Kingship and award wins in 2015 had been attacked wasn't about to let Jnr Brown off easily as well releasing his own "Used to run it".In the joint he basically called Breezy washed while stacking his claim as the then face of the game."Used to run it, I remember but when I came in I fucked it all up" the Luveve boy drawled menacingly on the chorus and Bulawayo couldn't have been more proud. Features on Slikour and a video soon followed and a ZIMA award which validated The Vin's claim that he was indeed the man of the moment. Physical confrontations at the NAMA awards rehearsals were reported though concrete evidence wasn't readily available. Cal_Vin and Breezy have since reconciled even working together on the Amen remix and Begotten Sun (head honcho at KYN which is home to Jnr Brown) even featured on a Cal_Vin Song.

Other rappers also released their own versions though most of them never gained traction. The Jury is still out on who murdered who. You can pass your opinion and cast your vote on our Facebook page

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