@meyniak_artist wants his legacy to be the elixir that will guarantee immortality

Depth and Meyniak are as much of an iconic combo as white tees and those retro white air force ones,twitter fingers and Meek,classes and lessons etc etc.Indeed this latest joint,produced  by C Bleech with a beat from McZee,is a lesson at the very least and a journey towards self actualisation and a realisation of one's purpose on planet earth before their/our brief stay here is cut short.Ciya lends his vocals and Morset spices things up with a bit of spoken word to this song about immortalizing our ideals and legacies.

One day we shall be nothing more than tombstones and epitaphs and the once in a blue moon mention by friends and foes will be all those who never got to meet us know about our stories while we traversed this planet.If we are to make a difference in a world that has increasingly celebrated mediocrity we must go the extra mile and reach the peaks of our different crafts and the legacy we leave then will last for eternity.That is the only way the ideals we stand for can stand the test of time.Meyniak agrees this path and processes involved is not easy and distractions will be plenty hence its important to choose one's battles wisely and set their priorities straight.He is rather unimpressed with the fact that if his name is to be remembered as opposed to being just another statistic he has to get a nine to five job to finance his dreams.The girls and booze are just some of the things he has to sacrifice in his quest for immortality.

Ciya makes a cameo dropping three lines vocalising his own understanding of immortality. Morset closes of the song with
a spoken word verse were he makes his intentions to make his own mark and awaken the "sleepy" and the spiritually/mentally dead known.


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