T.Shoc,Verseless and Chris Shoca combine to bring the artistic Mujaho to life

As you grow up you realise the odds are really stacked against you and success might as well be a Pipedream which takes a great deal of tenacity to even try and bring to life. Life itself becomes an endless race (mujaho) and while you try and figure out which lane to run in,you realise 24 hours is not enough time to conquer the world but since its all you got you make do.That ladies and men who are gentle is the basis of T.Shoc's latest joint and he enlisted the help of talented producer Verseless and the equally talented videographer Chris Shoca to bring it to life.

    The beat is complex and threadbare at the same time with some parts being nothing but Verseless humming complemented by loud drums whose origins are unmistakably African.Tek Shawa aka T.Shoc displays his versatility on the beat switching from motormouth rapping to the type of singing you might expect at a bira before settling to a lazy drawl that sounds like he doesn't want to sing at all.In keeping with the 24 hours a day/life is a race theme the joint doesn't dwell on one area as the rapper goes from telling us we shall learn a lot this year to marvelling at a fellow human who graduated from commuter omnibuses to taxis and then addressing our zeal to pray for overseas nations before addressing problems on our own backyard.An anonymous lady who doesn't call or text is also addressed and in the same breath he muses about how he put his self-on (cellphone) like a mobile charger was on the wall.

      The video itself is as disjointed as the song switching from different scenes in rapid sequence to remind us that our time here is nothing but brief and greatness must be attained in such a short time.Fine wine with a fine lady is had then a meeting with "street dealer types" were zimdollars are exchanged before T.Shock in what seems to be a drunken stupor collapses in the shower.Dudes with painted faces help him sing the chorus while he executes various dancing moves to the sound of his own voice.The video concept is as abstract as the song concept and the half traditional/half futuristic Verseless beat provides the perfect theme music for this classic work of art.


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