Camp Us: Life and rap through the eyes of a life long scholar

Ralph Level rapper/producer VI the Law has for years juggled between his studies and Hip-Hop and his debut full length offering is a perfect marriage of both. The self produced tape is based on his conviction that we are all scholars on life campus and how we tackle our day to day routines ultimately determines our grades. Features on the project are scarce with a verse from Chief MD and a bit of  spoken word from Meyniak plus the Bass line DJs who contributed to production on one joint.

On the album we have cuts like stranger a song which details how many a genius soon becomes a stranger to their kith and kin who can't stomach the thought that one can balance both books and music and succeed in both, a stroll in the park for VI who finished top of his class at Africa University and has repeatedly put out quality music. We also have weekness a funny rant littered with even funnier skits which sees VI complain about the amount of work he needs to get done in a week and the distractions he faces from those around him.

Purpose is key if one plans to leave a mark in whatever sphere they operate in and that's the message carried on Zuckerbag a play on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and "bag" slang for money. The Chief MD assisted joint is all about leaving a mark and getting the cash while at it just like Zuckerberg. Homeboy goes deep in his feels on favorite lecture a modern day tale of boy meets girl, girl is sprung, girl and boy ain't too sure what they have going on but boy remains forever grateful because girl taught him so many lessons hence she is his favorite lecture. On lost souls VI mourns his fallen comrades who were there from the get go and believed in his talent while pushing him to excell before unfortunately passing on without seeing where their seeds of encouragement took him.

Other joints on the 8 track cypher include dissertation, one man cypher and an interlude. Dissertation is basically about how everyone needs to document the practicalities of whatever field they are in before they can master it and hence graduate. The interlude and one man cypher are an insight into the thought processes  and inspirations involved in making this project come to life. All in all Camp Us is an alternative view to life and music through the eyes of a A-class student. The tape is a perfect balance of intellect and lyricism and its laid back feel makes it easy listening .

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