Kambo Boys take sungura to private school in Sweet Larrisa video

Kambo Boys is a UK based trio of Zimbabwean artists hellbent on bringing the swag to sungura while silmutaneously giving it a New Age look.Their latest release is a love joint titled Sweet Larrisa and it was produced by the legendary Mono Mukundu.The song is a mix of English and Shona vocals over catchy African guitars and words like afropop spring to mind when one plays it.The video isn't your typical sungura video with old madhalas dancing the "borrowdale" in a growth point bar.Instead its the boys clad in what looks like designer suits,a palace and top of the range vehicles to complement the boy meets girl narrative being channeled by a young lad wooing Larrisa on a bicycle, the same Larrisa who doesn't seem fazed by dudes in Ferraris wooing her.Maybe money doesn't buy love after all and there is hope for broke brothers like us. Kudos to the Kambo Boys for taking purely Zimbabwean vibes across the oceans.

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