Timeless Beats Thursday: Be Me by Vito

Remember Trinity of Jesa fame?.Remember a certain dude called Kevie killing choruses under that Urban Grooves household name Chamhembe.Well fastforwad to 2016 and Kevie was back under a new alias Vito.He showed sparks of his old brilliance when he did that Rorenzi chorus for Maskiri but on this joint with erstwhile producer Take Five he takes no prisoners.Be me is all about freedom and doing what's best for you and not caring what the world thinks about you. Its also the story of pain in love brought about by the life choices a musician has made to chase his superstar dreams in a not so ideal environment.The girl is hurting too so she won't pick Vito's calls and even though Vito would like to bang and leave part of him won't allow that hence he is almost apoligistic in his quest for freedom.Soul has a voice ladies and men who are gentle.


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