Venge Muzik goes off on Mai Terry

Venge Muzik decided to visit a disused construction site for his latest in a series of "interlude videos". Titled Mai Terry/Tatadza the song sees Venge airing his grievances out towards a female flame who goes by the moniker Mai Terry.As usual Venge doesn't dissapoint in delivery with a flow akin to a really really audible Thuger what with the easy switch from raps to sing raps and a bit of crooning all the while traversing the abandoned site peharps to match how Mai Terry  abandoned their once burning love.He doesn't totally hate her though and even if she can't see him in person he assures her he will give her that digital love from a distance hence a call here and a tweet there shouldn't come as a surprise.In the end he admits they have both failed seeing as all she does is torture him while others fan the flames of their respective relationships. As such he is getting a replacement that's hotter,leaning in the beamer and downing a bottle or two and she should be thankful he is hardly sober because Lord knows what he would do if he was.

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