Whats Beef? POY retaliates to Cal Vin statements.

Loxion Obama aka Dat Luveve boy had relegated rap to the back bencher this year choosing to release a project whose sound he dubbed loxion jazz and subsequently taking the project to the people through his #IboughtUthando initiative.All that changed over the weekend when he jumped onto Nyovest's Tito Mboweni to deliver a somewhat scathing freestyle where he called out Award organizers for giving awards to weak artists we never hear of again.He even called winners of said awards fraudulent before using Nasty C and Mabala (who have been accused of buying awards) in a beautiful play of words to drive home the fact that he doesn't buy awards like Mabala but  has earned his mabala (stripes).
   The Ndumiso Gumede freestyle also referenced POY's work as a butcher with Cal Vin claiming he ain't POY so he won't concern himself with beef or rumours of it.The lines didn't seat well with the veteran Bulawayo rapper who took to twitter to bluntly say "fuck Cal Vin" before questioning Vin's rap skills on Facebook.As yet POY hasn't replied on wax though whispers of beef are already rampant among heads with some claiming its actually a good look for the game while others think its a stunt to bring traffic to POY's recently released video for Higher.Click on the subscribe button below and follow our social media to stay up to date with how this "beef" will develop.

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