@takuralife delivers visuals for monster hit #Mungandidii

By now you've prolly heard the story. Boy forms boy band,excells for a bit on the afropop circuit before switching genres and taking the hiphop scene by storm.Hit single after hit single with litty visuals to match and there is really nothing we can do to him hence the title mungandii.Well the video for that particular song is here and its on point as per Takura standard.It switches from monochrome to color and shows Takura and friends doing the rounds around the city and in Harare's go to ghetto for video shoots.....Mbare.
  First off is working man Takura in overalls broadcasting to a crowd of bystanders reminding them naysayers will always preach the opposite of success. We then see Takura get a haircut from comedian Khedha in the company of Tkae Chidz before cooling of with budget freezits from none other than DJ Towers.As the video progresses DJ Tamuka,Bhutusi and the Comic Pastor make an appearance in "masowe" gab getting their dab and jujitsu on with hilarious results.Takura flexes for a second dabbing on top of a Takura Life tour truck.

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