Kikky Badass drops racy video for body conversations

After teasing us for quite a span Kikky Badass has finally delivered visuals for her Body Conversations single and the video was directed by none other than Vusa Blaqs.The racy single features Chyllur formerly with the Major Players though he is conspicuously missing from the video.Its strictly for the lovers and the Rated R content might illicit a few condescending stares from the inwardly peverted yet outwardly conservative Zimbabwean music loving crowd.

We will not bore you with details of how a scantily clad Kiki steals some random kid's man then proceeds to have body conversations with him scantily clad in an assortment of sexy lingerie in a wanton display of sexual appeal to accompany her smooth vocals.Instead we will leave you and your eyes feasting on another example of how far the Zimbabwean visual game has come.

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