About Ma Nna and how maternal love gets obstacles beat

Meyniak is back with a new single and on this one he gets instrumentation from Seengy with mixing and mastering being handled by CBleech. The thematic angle of the song is Avante Garde. Meyniak addresses a lot of issues to do with life and the music industry using his mother and granny's love to tie them all together.

We get a bit of reminiscing as Meynie paints a picture of a  childhood that shaped him from taping episodes of Looney Tunes on VCR, his father downing the proverbial cold one while his mother fixed a hot plate of chicken soup and told him to make a wish everytime his teeth fell. Fast forward to the present days and he wonders if her lessons to keep his dreams alive were amiss seeing as his deal with the rainman didn't bring the success it promised but left him even more parched. He would love for her to walk in his shoes but he barely moves an inch in them himself what with an industry that won't accept greatness and success that always seems within reach but fades before he grasps it.

                                      Stream Ma Nna here

Through all of this he taps into his mother's love and it heals any scars life dealt him while nurturing his dreams and giving him strength to carry on. His granny augments the maternal love from the skies above playing guardian angel till and if he reaches his destiny.

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