#FeatureFriday Mclyne,Mc Chita,Tulk Munny &Myke Pimp are Uptown Tsotsis

Uptown Tsotsi is one of the best local HipHop songs released in the first half of 2017 but it almost didn't happen if it wasn't for a chance encounter between Chita and Mclyne Beats.Apparently Chita's phone had run out of power and he jumped into the studio to charge it but it so happened Mclyne was sampling beats meant for his debut studio album Mclyne Pack So impressed was Chita by the beat that he asked to jump on it and when permission was granted he wasted no time in getting Tulk Munny and Myke Pimp on board.


Uptown tsotsi rubbishes the glorified disconnect between leafy suburbs and the ghetto as the three rappers basically declare that they are originally from the uptown but their business deals and hustle happens in the ghetto.From Mc Chita bathing apes because he owns a zoo,Tulk with hella keys like Afdis (Afdis distills Two Keys whiskey popular among imbibers) to Pimp and his sticky fingers akin to former Zim goalkeeper Murambadoro's after a long match the song is a barfest and the kwaitosque beat makes it an easy listen.KD Summerz didn't disappoint on the chorus either.

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