@Maestro_IV out to prove he "Runs this town" in new video

It's hard nay foolhardy to talk of Bulawayo rap without mentioning Chillaphonia Music Group boss Maestro IV.Maestro has an impressive track record that includes two full length projects under the Top Ijita series.Homeboy also has a number of videos and to top it all he can produce as well as he raps so we will forgive him for claiming​ he runs Bulawayo though your favorite rapper might not be as lenient.

Run this town taken off Top Ijita 2.0 finally has a video and it's directed by none other than Rasquiesity for Creative Pot.The video shows close ups of Bulawayo from the statue of Dr Joshua Nkomo,various streets and people on their day to day to business as Maestro spits his heart about what he thinks of the game and his position in it using a mixture of ndebele and English.

He is quite confident in the squad he has rolled with from day one and seems unfazed at OGs who don't show youngins on the come up love.
Seeing as he runs Bulawayo the fairer sex will view him as a target but he is forever making moves so they will surely miss him.As for rappers who might want to to compete with him he states matter of factly that they are nothing more than a pot to piss in before asking for forgiveness from the creator for his barbaric ways behind the microphone.The song will surely bruise some rapper dudes egos but the lyrical abilities and confident delivery will prove refreshing to HipHop fans

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