Resurgent Sandra Ndebele drops piping hot video

It's always a pleasure to see our local stars display staying power in this sometimes fickle music industry.As a teenager I remember watching Sandra Ndebele every other Thursday on Ezomgido and I was quite impressed to note that many moons later she is still killing the very dance moves that made me fall in love with her music as a youngin.If anything she has upped her game adapting to a more modern sound and dropping cutting edge videos to match.

For Tshibilika she collaborated with Leeknotic with Andy Cutta shooting the visuals for this invitation to party.The song itself is a pulsing house joint made for the sole purpose of inspiring all and sundry's feet to bust a move or two on the dancefloor.The video in line with this very theme sees Sandra and Lee lead a group of party people each tryna out dance the other against a backdrop of drifting Altezzas, immaculate benzos and a yellow Humvee.

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