#TimelessBeatsThursday Chashe's Love me,love me not

If one was asked to summarize this brilliant pop ballad by UK Based Zimbabwean songstress Chashe they would simply point to that game hesitant lovers play with flowers.You know the game right?The one were one plucks petals off a flower while whispering she loves,she loves me not and if the last petal coincides with she loves me it's Cupid time.

In the song Chashe is quite certain she can do so much better than her flame but still she is willing to settle though it seems the dude himself ain't too sure of himself and he won't reach out to grab love so readily given.Still he insists he likes Chashe and she can't tell whether a romance is looming or they are just friends.They are both afraid to dive into a relationship yet they both low-key like each other so much that letting go would break them.As such Chashe vows to stay for the little affection on offer even in the face of so many unanswered questions.

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