#TimelessBeatsThursdays Jnr Brown -Tongogara (Real Talk)

In 2016 Jnr Brown dropped perhaps the most socially concious HipHop song of our generation in Tongogara. Tongogara named after the late ZANLA general Josiah Tongogara is a street perceptive of the way our beautiful land was and  is set up with Breezy pointing out how politicians and the elite were being frivolous and spending the state's resources on luxurious goods while the ordinary citizen was starving in the streets.In the mould of the courageous General Tongo Breezy vowed to never cry even as circumstances stretched him and his to breaking pointing choosing instead to use his pen and voice to speak out against the ills he was seeing.

Real talk wasn't all politics though as Jnr Brown also touched on issues affecting the girl child.He used imagery in the form of a young girl who started life well off till her father disappeared to London leaving the girl's mother to take care of her every need.In her hubby's absence the mother had to take a lover but the very same lover abused the young girl which led her to drugs and a life of partying peharps as a way of masking the traumatic experience.As such the once bright girl became another example of wasted potential due to abuse by those she was supposed to trust.

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