#TimelessBeatsThursdays When Mc Chita and Roki sought a Dandaro

Dandaro is arguably the biggest song of Mc Chita's  career and the introspective Roki assisted joint still inspires bouts of nostalgia to this day when one plays it.The video for this lead single on Chita's Ambassador's Son album was shot by Angel arts back in July 2012.

What I loved most about the video was how it depicted the parallel paradigms of death for the deceased and the surviving family members.On one hand the recently widowed wife is swallowed by grief and inconsolable but the hubby is pictured in a paradisical​ setting very much at ease with lush greenery complementing a smoothly flowing stream.One can only conclude that death while robbing those who remain behind is actually a sweet release from all the troubles of this world.

The song doesn't deviate from this theme as Chitariso raps about setbacks and obstacles he has faced in life and his career and how he has remained resolute till he too found his Utopia.Roki comes through with a melodic chorus that serves to advice his child that in life one can only wait till they are grown to see what all the fuss is about.In the event that things don't really work out one should never be crushed by unfulfilled dreams seeing as they too will find their heaven one day.

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