Ti Gonzi adopting a new sonical direction in 2017

Ti Gonzi walked away Best Male at the 2017 Zim Hip Hop awards after the widespread success  of his unapologetically street & vernacular Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto project. While that project had a strictly HipHop feel tapping into the various popular sounds of the various times each track on it was recorded Ti Gonzi 's latest offerings have been strictly dance and afropop with a sprinkling of dancehall though his witty lyrics remain unchanged.

He has done a party track produced by Oskid featuring a member of the HHYG camp Forbes titled Ndoda Vanhu Vanofara The track came with a video which sees Gonzi and his cronies partake in all sorts of alcoholic beverages and weed as Oskid's beat changes from HipHop, Afropop, trap and even the Zed sound popular​ in neighbouring Zambia.

Ti Gonzi has also worked with Memory Zaranyika (popular for her urban grooves hit Bogo Bogo) on a track called muduri.A video for the dance joint which urges people to party in the traditional African way is currently in the works and we will get it anytime soon.

With a view to shine a light on members of his Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto clique Ti Gonzi has also collaborated with Forbes and Pido Bwoy on a track titled Diaspora. Diaspora addresses the large number of Zimbabweans making a living outside our borders failing to visit their kin back home and their relatives in Zimbabwe who miss them so much but have to accept the reality that the only way daily bread can be made for both parties is if the diasporans keep on putting in work in lands Faraway.

Ti Gonzi,who recently represented Zimbabwe at premium Senegal HipHop festival Festah is set to drop an album in the Future and most of the singles from the that particular project seem to lean towards an afropopsque- HipHop fusion.

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