#FabFive A rundown of the month's illest visuals

Zimbabwean video directors have been pushing the envelope as far as visuals are concerned and it's only right that we give them credit where it's due hence this column which seeks to shine a light on some of the dopest local HipHop videos out there.

Kapcity formerly Kapital K finally dropped his Komfortable Sofa video directed by Rodney Cooper Films on location at his Miami base.The joint is dedicated in equal parts to those who believed in his dream and those who didn't inspiring him to get his bum of that comfortable couch in order to  make his city proud and naysayers mad at the same damn time.Clean threads,pretty chicks, mad bottles,the squad and European cars all make an appearance in this awesome video.
VeryUs rapper Marcques also blessed us with the visuals for his Simba Tagz produced Manga Muripi song taken off his debut album ALYVE The video was directed by Karizma and it features cameos from Mile, Verseless and Tkae Chidz who help bring to life the concept of fake friends who will gladly take what's yours and opportunists who rush to your side when your grind starts paying off.
Monkey Bizness affiliate Dexter Baysiq tapped longtime collaborator Aaron Mheta for his Masuwo video which features Lex Alexander.The video was shot on location in Chitungwiza and it sees Lex and Dexter appeal to the heavens to open the floodgates of blessings against a back drop of everyday people facing life with it's troubles and triumphs.
Mr Okay Okay Okay Takura wasn't to be outdone as he came through with the  Kamushekero kacho video directed by Andy Cutta.The feel good dance song inspired by endowed mummies who aren't afraid to get down sees Takura and his cronies host a house party with all types of yummy Zimbabwean lasses getting sippy and setting the dancefloor on fire
Terry Africa is fast cementing his name on the local entertainment scene with one major collaboration after the other.For Torova Ngoma he trades bars with urban mainstay ExQ on an Afro trap DJ Tamuka production.The video shot by Blaqs deep in the ghetto sees Terry and ExQ preaching good vibes and unity in front of various street murals that range from Killer T to Soulja Love peharps to advocate for less bad blood in the music industry.

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