Watch @slikouron 's visit to Zimbabwe for the @ZimHipHopSummit

One of the continent's biggest Hip-Hop cultural influencers who also happens to be part of legendary South African HipHop crew Skwatta Camp was recently in the country for the inaugural ZimHipHop Summit.

Slikour took time to chop it up with Darrly Nyamutsamba (SA HipHop Mag editor & Cliff Central host) and Plot Mhako ( Jibilika founder). The two Zim Hip-Hop Summit organizers updated him on the game in Zimbabwe and challenges artists face as far as platforms, funding and they even briefed him on how to surf the Internet on a budget in Zimbabwe. Slikour had to visit Shoko Festival before heading to the summit were he shared nuggets and interacted  with heads from across the country.

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