#FlashBackFriday Is Soko Matemai Sharky's magnum opus?

Local HipHop fanatics prolly know Sharky as the boy who reps the monkey totem and if there is one track that cemented his love for his totem it's probably Soko Matemai. Way before his award winning debut and his profound sophomore album Sharky was putting in work at G-Records and his partnership with Gwagz gave us one of  if not the dopest songs of both their careers.While the beat was very Hip Hopy the actual content of this song was rooted deep in Africa's belief that our ancestors and totems have a part to play in our self development.As such it serves as a prayer of sorts to the powers that be by a young man at the cross roads looking to conquer life so he can make a long line of Soko Matemai's who came before him proud.

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