#reSPEKKThePlug a comprehensive ZimHipHop playlist by @sp3kktracular

Staunch supporters of the Zimbabwean Hip-Hop culture have probably heard of the name SpekkTrumn a lot. He is the dude your faves  humbly pass their new heat to then turn around to diss when it fails  his strict quality control tests.

Spekk has been in love with hiphop from his formative years and he has blogged about local hiphop since 2010 which has seen various platforms trusting him enough to curate content for them. He has decided to use his knowledge of the game and trusted ears to curate a playlist containing the illest Hip-Hop joints from within our borders and heat seekers from abroad by rappers of Zimbabwean origin.

The playlist comes in the form of a podcast available on all major online platforms including IONO FM, iTunes, TuneIn etc etc and songs range from crowd favorites to exclusives from both known and unknown rappers.

You can stream or download it below

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