#TimelessBeatsThursday A Double dose of @H33nryy

So the other day i was scrolling down my timeline when an interesting tweet caught my eye.Tehn Diamond had been in studio with H3nry and Asaph and a fire joint was reportedly on the way. While peeps who follow ZimHipHop might be familiar with Asaph and Tehn i doubt many know what an actual beast H3nry is hence this write up with arguably two of his best videos to introduce Zimbabwe to the homey. 

On Marry Jane H3nry equates weed to a pretty lady and proceeds to detail his love for her while describing their journey together from how he met her, the memorable moments shared up until this point where they can't be separated. 

Manasseh is classic H3nry featuring profound lyrics,a hard hitting instrumental and a few controversial bars about his personal worth when compared to Africa's elite. The visual follows the song's biblical hue as H3nry thanks the lord for victory at the expense of haters.

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