Masofa Panze rebrands to Zero Gravity

The Masofa Panze clique has been a ZimHipHop staple ever since Masofa Panze Volume 1 dropped 5 years ago.The crew which is made up of Noble Stylz and Blacperl has dropped 5 albums inside 5 years with awards and  the ears of many following suit.

After achieving so much within the ZimHipHop sphere the collective now aims to penetrate popular culture and influence it with their signature Hip Hop aesthetic.As such they are rebranding to Zero Gravity epitomising the spirit of allowing nothing to hold them down.

While music will remain a staple in the camp they are also branching into Fashion,Events Management and Youth Programes meant to give back to the Zimbabwean populace.

To celebrate 5 years in the game and the whole rebranding process Noble Stylz and Blacperl are dropping a joint EP in July which will feature Baba Shupi,Quonfuzed and Trae Yung.The EP will pave the way for their own solo albums slated for later this year

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