Lake July Festival partners with Corporate Zimbabwe for an all inclusive festival

This year's Lake July Festival will be held between the 27th and the 29th of July with a number of corporate partners expected to heighten the festive mood around the 3 day jamboree.While the intention of party goers is obviously to have a good time one can not rule out the possibility of injury or health complications due to an overdose of fun and as such organizers have struck a deal with  Er24 to deal with any medical issues arising.A dedicated team of highly trained medical proffesionals and state of the art equipment will be on standby to offer medical assistance to those who might need it.

The issue of climate change and the preservation of mother earth has been topical and Lake July has always  been one to keep up with issues of global importance which is why they are partnering with Wayon Trading for a greener festival.Wayon specializes in renewable energy namely solar and they will bring their expertise to the Festival making it the first in the History of Zimbabwe to power 3 days of festivities with an energy source that is not harmful to our planet.

Technology is the future and Telecel Zimbabwe will be out to prove that when it comes to communication,transmission of information etc etc they are a force to reckon with.Its only right that you "Tell someone" that if they feel the need to go on facebook live to show the folks left at home what a goodtime they are having or to strike a pose around the beautiful scenery at the lakeshore for instagram Telecel definitely has them covered.For those who love the water boat cruises will be available and transportwise  Mashwede will be supplying fuel for shuttles making the festival experience more affordable for party goers.

Drinking and driving is a legitimate problem which is why Lake July has partnered with the good folk at Zimpact to provide awareness around this issue in a bid to  reduce road carnage because one had a little too much to drink.In the same vein its important to note that after consultations with Zim Parks the Caravan Park has been set aside for secure parking so revellers can party the winter blues away while their vehicles are safe and  secure.

For those who love sports a number of corporates will be sponsoring a litany  of sporting activities suitable for the whole family.Tug of war for those who deem themselves muscular enough,beach volleyball,five aside soccer and Pool are just a few of the games on offer.If getting sweaty in the spirit of good sportsmanship isn't your thing then the Shisha lounge or the special movie theatre will definitely tickle your fancy.Tickets for the festival are already on sale at selected outlets which include Talk City Joina,selected Total Service Stations and selected Chicken Slice Branches

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