#TimelessBeatsThursdays When Maestro IV brought Majaivana back

Its hard to believe its been three whole years since Maestro IV gave us Majaivana Back.He has since released two albums with a 3rd one titled S.C.A.R.S set to drop on the 20th of July this year.Majaivana Back was a Bulawayo youngin paying homage to a legend from his city through his own artform.The perfect fusion of Hip Hop 808s,that Lovemore Majaivana Badlala Njani sample which in turn samples  the Bosso anthem is still a good listen to this very day.Creative Pot Films put the icing on the cake by capturing Maestro and the homeys doing their thing "Ekasi" and at Highlanders's home Barbourfields Stadium.

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