Ashe and Wastak look for Gold In There in new video

You know how you tell your Papa to "go deeper" when he is dropping fire sermons?This aint it fam,this is more like when you and your miner homey are digging for gold but aint found it yet so you gotta go deeper.The gold in this instance is a good time with someone's daughter and the miner is Ashe an upcoming rapper who decided his Ashetray mixtape needed visual content alongside it for further reach.

The song sounds like a page straight outta "The art of seduction" as Ashe tries to charm his way into some fire mamacita's pants while the video leans towards an old school aesthetic what with the disused storeroom littered with artifacts from days gone by.My only only gripe with the song and the College Central directed video is the faux Jamaican chorus by Wastak which really sounds uninspired if we are being polite.

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