Afriken out to get his By Any Means Necessary

Hailing out of the City Of Progress is Afriken aka Kingken a rapper whose quest to break the status quo & Harare/Bulawayo's monopoly on Zim HipHop  has seen him drop 3 EPs and 3 singles to date.The latest EP is a 3 joint strong project titled By Any Means.The project features production by Scottie Flame$ from America alongside J Beats & 4uxion Beats  from Harare & Gweru respectively with all the raps in the sole care of Kingken.The tape starts with the Gweru Bully making it clear he will get his by any means necessary before he moves on to the next track which is about elevating to Boss levels all fuelled by  his will to Believe in his own talent and skills.

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