Have you listened to C Bryan's Unonzani

Its been a short 2 years in South Africa for Kwekwetown trap-souler,vocalist cum producer C Bryan.In those two years the ambitious young lad has established a music studio,perfomed at a couple of local spots,shared a stage with Roki and Freeman while a few local radio stations have playlisted his music.There is also that one time he perfomed on SABC's Hectic Nine Nine.This might not be a lot for the ungrateful but for a young lad whose connection to music is not monetary but pure passion these are more than baby steps to greatness.So invested in his dreams is Bryan that he has vowed to dig into his own pockets and energy reserves till the art starts paying because he loves it so much.

One of his most amazing tracks to date is Unonzani a track he co-produced with Ash Manz.C Bryan doesnt hold back on his vocals blending well with the beautiful acoustic guitar in that classic scenario we know so well where Boy meets girl and falls for her instantly.This usually  results in long winding speeches filled with sweet nothings about how she is the best thing he has seen in his life and nothing would give him more joy than to spend the rest of his life with her.

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