November 20: The Kae Chaps Story #ZimHipHop

November 20 seemed like an ordinary day for Kae Chaps but the fateful day ended up changing his life and percpective about it.As the then 21 year old artist left a gig he had taken up to finance studio time a gang of unscruplous not so gentle men stabbed and robbed him leaving him for dead.As he lay in his hospital bed he reflected on the teachable lessons from the incident chief among them being  to never take life for granted.Upon his release he started putting in work on his 20 November EP writing and recording his personal favorite off the tape Zvekudaro inside 3 days.

What started as a 5 joint project grew into a  9 track EP solely produced by fellow Rugare/Kambuzuma native Futronic whose only feature is Nanette aka Fae.Throughout the project Kae's undeniable talent is evident as he switches from spitting sick bars,to dropping beautiful melodies all the while adressing issues surrounding life,love, the loss of his parents at a tender age,the struggles of the comeup without sounding bitter and corny.With a superb debut project under his belt the next logical step for Kae Chaps is to get his music to as many ears as possible so that he makes 13 year old him who used to drop mad bars on the Make It Rain beat hella proud.
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