T Shoc in futuristic mode for Wild Ones video

The visuals for Tek Shawa aka T Shoc's Wild Ones joint produced by Verseless are here courtesy of Umuntu Sessions with direction by Denis Rwafa.The video has a futuristic astheitic which shows T Shoc define what a wild one is as various effects play on in the background.

While the title of the song is simple enough the actual content is a bit complex.For starters the ever ecletic T Shoc touches on how wild ones surviving through their wits in this concrete jungle get depressed yet they must realize one is one's enemy and one's friend so one has to personally shape one's reality.Money is essential as is God to calibrate said reality to a prettier hue.Rhumba references abound from moving weight like Pepe Kale,making moves like Kanda Bongoman all in a bid to not waste one's talent like Yondo Sister.Would be competitors are also warned to not take a beast in his element for granted since ferocity is second nature to him

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