The Higher Culture Mobb is Booming In Harare

The coloured community is vastly underrepresented on the Zimbabwean music scene in general and the local hiphop space in particular.One group representing for the coloured community is Harare's creative collective The Higher Culture.Founded by childhood friends Tyler King and Jason X who are both rappers the crew also includes producers such as Nameless and Kyles Theory who has put in work with global superstars like Kid Ink,Chipmunk,Jessie J among others.The Mobb is also affiliated to high riding DJ Ray Dizzle and many other creatives in the background focusing on fashion and other avenues of creativity.

In a brief exchange with the crew they mentioned how they are very aware of the challenges facing Zimbabwe's entertainment Industry which was a sad reality considering how pregnant with young undiscovered talent Zimbabwe is.Their solution to this  is to simply put out the most amazing content they can and market it to the world so that they bring the globe's eyes to Zimbabwe and lay a foundation for rappers who will come after them to be easily recognized worldwide.Currently the crew is promoting their latest EP titled Booming In Harare which features the rapping exploits of Jason and Tyler with Kyles Theory and 9th Audio Beats (who has worked with JR,Shane Eagle) on production.The EP is available on Tidal,Itunes,Deezer and Apple Music.
Stream Booming In Harare here

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