All is set for the first ever Mumhanzi Night HipHop concert

A quick look at the entertainment calender in Zimbabwe will reveal that not many dates and stages are played by local rappers.Rather than blame promoters for not putting rappers on,the good folk at Mumhanzi Media took it upon themselves to create a platform for local rap to shine onstage.The event dubbed Mumhanzi Night is scheduled for the 23rd of November at Theatre In The Park and for the reasonable price of 3 dollars you get to see a host of superstars and upcoming talents showcase their skills from 1800 hrs till late.Artists scheduled to perfom include local hiphop staples like Mc Chita,Tulk Munny,Crooger,Kikky Badass,R Peels,Marcquess and Fun F.Representing for the feminine side of hiphop is Natasha Muz,Kara,TruNorth and Snix.Scrip Mula and his Mulanation peers are set to appear onstage as is Dakid Verse,Afrow Zenda,Double Jae,Official Biznez,Mik Manjengwa,VI the Law,Matebele Boi,Uncle Sam,N Jay O,Mela9 Reign,Boi Mac,Sway The 3rd,Baller Mandizha,Slayer amongst others.With such a diverse lineup various flavours of local hiphop will be on display from trappy bops,storytelling,serious bars,party songs and even commercial awesomeness.We wish Mumhanzi Media and their partners all the best as they attempt to show that local hiphop can pull numbers and we hope this is only the start of greater things to come.

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