#MangomaMondays Big Life video another testament of the creative chemistry between Freeman and Blaqs

It would seem like Freeman on vocals and Blaqs on visuals is a recipe for awesomeness without debate.Their latest collaboration happens to be Big Life a single off the Dancehall Doctor's Mukuru WeKambamani album.The video for this particular song was shot in South Africa and in keeping with the subject matter of the song the video seeks to highlight how a life of living large without taking care of your family will only lead to disaster and tears for you and yours.As such we see a "Playboy" blowing money fast while neglecting his mother and siblings before  ultimately mourning his mum because he did not care for her enough when she was alive.Freeman has hinted at a fresh video when the Big Life visual reaches a respectable number of views as well as an EP whose working title is the "Kusuka EP".

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