Orbituary:The first and last time i met Rae Lyric

When i walk amongst the uncultured i oft fancy myself a poet and a fairly accomplished man-glue with a knack for putting words together.When i do meet actual poets i get a bad case of the chills and my admiration and excitement can barely be contained.Such was my reaction when a random text message from Rae Lyric a muse i had been obsessed with from a distance hit my inbox one night.Miss Rae was launching a book of poems and she was looking for the presence of a blogger or two.I simply typed yes,switched off my phone and started hoola hooping inside my not so spacious ghetto lodgings until the Landlord reminded me who i was and i had to get down from the Stan-High i was on.

Accordingly the day arrived and i made my way to the Rooftop Plaza where i met fellow creatives who had come to celebrate this milestone in Diana's budding career.As she took to the stage to welcome us all that was my first time actually seeing her in the flesh.  I was mesmerised by her ability to control the mood in the room and dictate the pace of events.We listened attentively as she spoke about how her family had begun asking a bunch of questions soon after her birthday."Where was the suitor who would walk her down the aisle,had any wedding dates been set,what of a child".As shots were served and beers downed ears opened more and more with the guitar strings providing a backdrop to Diana's alluring tales of how that very night was her wedding night and she was marrying her craft with her book being the obvious offspring from what she termed a match made in heaven.

The night sped by with a number of scintilating spoken word recitals and conversations around bonfires with comrades of a literary disposition.After the event itself the days flew by till time seemed to stop when heartbreaking messages started popping up all over the timeline.Disbelief and denial was the preffered reaction but more and more evidence surfaced of a flame extinguished from this thankless world to add to Heaven's poetic ranks.She of the Sun had returned with all her brilliance to her origins in Apollo's hallways and Earth was all the more forlon for it.Till we meet again sleep well dear wordsmith.

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