Is Hillzy's TV room video featuring Gary Mapanzure the best Zimbabwean video for 2019?

A brief look at the timeline that is the Zimbabwean visual landscape in 2019 is bound to inspire a few goosebumps in whoever is watching.A lot of wonderful videos have been released and the numbers they are racking in are amazing.Both established,almost there and upcoming cats seem to have decided that 2019 is the year they go big or go home as far as impressive videos are concerned.

In our own humble opinion an early contender for video of the year is the TV room video by Hillzy featuring Gary Mapanzure.The two young talents linked up for a trappy R n B record that was a perfect fit for February a month widely regarded as belonging to Baby Cupid head honcho at Love 'R Us.

Shot on location in Cape Town by Daniel Lasker with direction coming from K Mane the crispy video has it all.There is  beautiful scenery and beautiful girls doing beautiful things and the wonderful thing is its all in sync with the messaging of the actual song.We could ramble on and on about the beauty of this visual masterpiece but we will let yall be the judges so go ahead and peep the niceness below

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