Ishan and Ti Gonzi link up for beautiful Kure video

If 'Team work makes the dream work' was a video it would probably look like this beautiful Kure  video.Behind the camera we have Leoy V for Letter Z Pictures while No Limits's Jamal handles the groovy production with Ishan delivering smooth vocals that are a perfect fit for Ti Gonzi's quotable life lessons disguised as bars.

Kure supports the theory that life is a journey,a long long journey.As such one travels many miles to reach his present only to realise that the future is even more miles ahead.In that journey Ishan urges listeners to stay true to themselves and not  change their moral DNA and purpose to fit society's standards.That way when they reach their destination regret wont be part of the celebrations.

Ti Gonzi employs double entendres and witty punchlines to talk about how delay is not denial.While his portion might not be at the dinner table yet he will trust the process and keep grinding because patience (patients) pays he done saw it when he visited the hospital.

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