When Vabati VaJehova meet Hip Hop

In recent times we have seen numerous new age acts work on music with the posterchilds of Choral apostolic music in Zimbabwe Vabati VaJehovah and groups similar to them.Zimdancehall artists like Winky D and Tocky Vibes have some of the most recognisable songs from this fusion and now you can add hiphop to that list.

Young emcee Blitz Unique aka Mr Zollywood enlisted the help of the apostolic OGs for Tiri Huruva an emotional reminder that our time on earth is limited.Blitz is on rap duty while Vabati VaJehova use their immensely powerful voiceboxes that might be mistaken for instrumentals to drive home the fact that we need to treat each other with love,compasion as well as empathy while we can because we wont be here forever and our acts will ultimately lead us to salvation or eternal damnation.

Overally the fusion is really unique and easy on the ears plus the message is a pertinent one.Vabati VaJehova did not come to play on the chorus and Blitz really held his own though we feel his raps could have been packaged a bit better.Peep the video below and tell us what ya'll think.

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