Zimboy announces allstar Basketball tourney on the sidelines of the Changamire HipHop Festival

Jackson De Zimboy recently held the fourth annual Changamire Hip Hop Festival Awards at Club Sankayi in Harare.The awards showcase which Zimboy uses to showcase his gratitude to brands and stakeholders aligned to his had over 30 categories  with some categories having as many as 10 nominees.Most winners were deserving considering the work they put in the past year but some categories definitely felt like a Zimboy price giving ceremony for his cronies and homeboys.

On the sidelines of the event Zimboy announced an allstar basketball game for slated for the next Changamire Hip Hop Festival which tends to happen on the last weekend of each month.The game will see rappers from all over the country showcase their ball skills before hitting the stage for perfomances.

The inaugural Bawling party is set for  Cheeseman Malbereign on the 24th of February with the afterparty being held at Motor Action.A pool of 15 basketball teams are expected to compete with 10 coming from the Harare Basketball Ascociation and a further five made up of members from the Zim Hip Hop fratenity.Shout out to Zimboy for consistently finding new ways to push the game foward.

Here is the full list of winners from this year's Changamire Hip Hop Festival Awards

1.Best Male - Asaph

2. Best Female - Kikky Badass

3.Best Newcomer - Rich Nusty Swagga

4.Song of the Year - Mambo by Asaph feat Tha Dawg and Fish McSwagg

5.Best Album - Shumba Inoruma by Crooger

6.Best Freestyle - Stunner and Ti Gonzi

7.Best Producer - gT Beats

8.Best Collaboration - Talking by Quazor feat Ab Crazy 

9.Changamire's Biggest Bosses - Ciroc Boys

10.Best Deejay - Dj Joey Lion

11.Personality of the Year - Stunner

12.Best Dance - Magnetic Force

13.Best Model/Vixen - Anita

14.Best Hip Hop Verse - Briss Mbada's Harare Hucci verse

15.Best Hip Hop Chorus - Natasha Muz for Handisi Tsaga

16.Best Online Media - Eyes Of 263

17.Best Perfomance Act - Revonok Thundaz and Sachaa

18.Best Hip Hop Group - Grind City Grind Time

19.Best Alternative - Coco WeAfrica

20.Best Brand Supporting Hip Hop - Team Big Family

21.Best Diaspora - Crooger

22.Best Hip Hop Brand - Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto

23.Best Changamire Co-Host - Yahya Goodvibes

24.Best Video - Tricky J,Lady B and Sim Doc

25.Most Relevant Studio - Larynx CMR

26.Best Hip Hop Hustle - Jamal of No Limits

27.Best Lyricist - Jnr Brown

28.Best Fashion Designer - Ric Chasers 

29.Best Underground - Versetyle

30.People's Choice - Coco WeAfrica

31.Best Dressed Male - Stunner

32.Best Dressed Female - Kikky Badass

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