Is Bazooker's Ndebele dancehall the new wave?

One of the most potent young voices on the Zimdancehall scene is Chillspot prodigy Bazooker.The talented young man really came into his own last year with a string of hits including Mababy akawanda,kaLesson kemafuza,ndoita yandinoda among others.Conspiracy theories about how he is not getting enough time and resources to shine have been conjured but Bazooker has remained focused on his music while putting out stellar record after stellar record.

His latest release is the cheeky and hilarious Umdala Wethu on Oskid and T Man's Helmet riddim.The song has his signature witty one liners and really suspect ndebele phrases which will have one's ribs cracking.A video of him recording the song at Oskid's studio was a hit with fans and the official song is no different.

Umdala Wethu is an early favorite for many fans on a riddim featuring household names like Enzo Ishal,Uncle Epatan,Dadza D,Ninja Lipsy,Hwinza which left us wondering if Bazooker's use of not so perfect Ndebele on a fire riddim is the new wave in Zimdancehall.Do peep the new heat below and tell us what you think.

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