Teemak shoots Take Me Home video in Zambia

Malaysian based Zimbabwean rapper Teemak is currently in Zambia for personal business but that has not stopped him from putting in work with creatives that side.One child born out of this cross pollination of creative ideas is the video for his single Take Me Home which was directed by talented Zambian producer  Director Verb

The simple yet profound video was shot on location at the beautiful Monkey Pools in Zambia.The video sees a seemingly lonely Teemak travel the jungle before meeting and falling in love with a mermaid,having good times before she returns to the deep pools she calls home which leaves Teemak with no choice but to follow her straight into the same pools.

The video does tie in with the song's theme of a lover protesting his innocence in the face of accusations of infidelity claiming music had been eating up most of his time but all he wants is for his mistress to take him home and not break his soul.The song will likely feature on Teemak's debut project which he says will differ from most hip hop projects because it will focus on touching lives and nourishing souls as opposed to celebrating the perishable material things of this world.

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