Takura has the number 1 trending video in Zimbabwe

Takura and Young Nash are surely the dream team of R & B love bops because everytime they link up they create magic.The two previously worked together on Takura's Relationship Goals EP whose production was handled by Young Nash.Now they are back with Zvemoyo with help from Spirit Fingers with another frequent Takura collaborator Director AM directing the video.

Zvemoyo is a love story that reiterates the old age adage that matters of the heart are best left to the two people going through them.Takura tries to reassure his wifey that while outsiders will say whatever to break up a couple he will be damned if he lets them mess up the good thing he has with Mrs Takura.At the time of going to press Takura's video was the number 1 trending video in the country with over 60 000 views inside 3 days which is quite rare for hiphop acts this side of the equator.

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