Ti Gonzi's Kufamba Murima an introspective visual prayer

Its only been a few days after Ti Gonzi was released from hospital after a horrific robbery but the Zvenyu hitmaker is already serving fans new heat.The HHYG boss has delivered an introspective visual masterpiece for Kufamba Murima with Leoy V behind the lens and Trinnie Beatz on audio production.

In the song Ti Gonzi admits his fate and the direction his life will take is out of his hands what with the various pitfalls and impediments to success rife on this road that is our existence.After consulting various oracles,churches and even colleges he has come to realise that the light he needs to see his destination,cleanse his sinful self and help him achieve his dreams is divinity itself.

The video was shot in a few locations but its message is crystal clear and its the perfect companion for Ti Gonzi's bars.We see Ti Gonzi caught between two rival factions representing good and evil both seeking to convert him to their side with good ultimately winning

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