Tamy Moyo celebrates her roots in Kwandinobva video

When it comes to young  exciting female voices in Zimbabwe any list that leaves out Tamy Moyo would be the opposite of legitimate.Tamy who happens to be the  daughter of  radio host Richard RK Kohola has made it her life mission to outdo herself with each new release.Her first offering in 2019 is the amazing Kwandinobva which is set to appear on her sophomore album dropping at a date to be announced.

On production she chose Dj Tamuka who worked his magic like always while Andy Cutta's impressive camerawork brought the song's visuals to life.Kwandinobva is a celebration of one's roots and background and its dedicated to those who are not ashamed of where they come from.The video celebrates various facets of Zimbabwean life and culture with clothing as well as dance styles from the motherland on full display.

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