Ti Gonzi and Qounfuzed drop Mundirangarirewo docuvideo

The world we live in is filled with many uncertainities and possibilities we can not foretell with certainity.One thing  that is clear is that a person is born,that person lives and ultimately that person dies.When the grim reaper finally  knocks at one's door one would wish to have left his mark on the world and put in enough work for the world to remember him by.

That very premise is the crux of Qounfuzed and Ti Gonzi's latest collaboration.Titled Mundirangarirewo this song by the frequent collaborators/lifelong friends takes the form of a docuvideo by Stan Joni.Various highlights of the duo's careers as well as the highs and lows are shown on screen as fans sing their praises.Peers in the Industry from Fantan,Freeman,Hillzy,Noble Stylz,Rockford Josphats and Platinum Prince as well as friends and family members also make an appearance in this sentimental sonical biography.

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