Flexxo Mushawarukwa drops Madzimbahwe Muka video

One thing we love about ZimHipHop is how diverse and all encompassing  it is.Every other part of Zimbabwe has a rapper calling it home and telling stories about those communities and what they go through.If you go to Bulawayo names like Asaph,Cal Vin,AWA comeup while Masvingo has emcees like Noble Stylz and Jungle repping it.In the Eastern Highlands we have MK47 (formely with Project Fame) and Flexxo whose latest release happens to be the subject of this article.MK47 and Flexxo have over the years used every chance they get to showcase their rich samanyika dialect via HipHop.

For his latest drop 'Madzimbahwe Muka' Flexxo taps Fun F for production and the hook while V.V.S  directed the video.The song is a history lesson of sorts outlining what we have been through as a nation from being the bread basket of Africa to being one of the poorest nations in the region in terms of the standard of living.Flexxo then goes on to implore all Zimbabweans to jump onboard and help rebuild this nation we call home.Zimbabweans from all walks of life feature in the video holding placards which outline their hopes and wishes for a glorious Zimbabwe that takes care of its inhabitants.

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