How Kamuputukesi left Noble Stylz with a sore heart

Everyone's favorite ZimHipHop Papa seems to be in his music pocket these days.Earlier this year Noble Stylz dropped Kanyika Kanaka which was a witty take on Zimbabwe and everything its going through.Word on the street is that a joint with Ti Gonzi and Quonfuzed is in the works and while we wait for that particular song Noble made sure we had something to listen to in the form of a new tune titled  Kamuputukesi.

Quazor handled production on Kamuputukesi besides also lending a few vocals to the chorus.The song is a potential anthem for victims as well as perpetrators of the universal phenomenon we call heartbreak.Noble tells the story of Kamuputukesi a girl from Mozambique whom he loved dearly leading him to splurge on her while making  wonderful memories only for the girl to ditch him and sponsor eternal heartache.

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