Zambian superstar Jay Rox drops Uchi video with Ammara Brown

It seems like just yesterday when i was foraging for continental hiphop on satelite TV and on these digital streets.A group of young talented males hailing from Zambia going by the name Zone Fam immediately caught and kept my attention with cuts like Shaka Zulu on them and Contolola.Around that time Ammara Brown was proving she was her own woman though remaining  super respectful and working to maintain her father's legacy still.Now we are in 2019 and these two musical worlds i never thought would collide have come together full circle.

Jay Rox a member of Zone Fam who has won a Channel O award as part of that collective before going on to become the first ever Zambian nominated for an Mtv African Music Award as a solo act decided to rope in our very own highflying superstar Ammara Brown for his latest release.Their duet  is titled uchi (honey) and its an easy listen with its afropopsque flavour not to mention that the theme of a love that tastes sweeter than honey will find favor with many lovebirds.You can watch the video below before it hits satelite cable like many Ammara Brown as well as Jay Rox cuts have done in the past.

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