Cal Vin thinks these five rappers have carried Bulawayo Hip Hop for ages

Cal Vin is hella active on his twitter account.When he is not informing the world how he is quitting alcohol for good because it has messed up so many of his personal relationships you will probably  find him leading Daddy/Parent Twitter in posting cute baby pictures.One particular tweet of his however left us scratching our heads and wondering about the true state of Bulawayo HipHop.The city is blessed with many talented hiphop artists but Cal Vin reckons only five have represented Bulawayo hiphopwise in the past five years.This is what he had to say
"Its been 
1. Cal Vin
2. Asaph 
3. Guluva Se7en
4. M.U.S.E theartist
5. Msizkay 

The faces of Byo Hip Hop Scene for the past 5 years we need more competition fellas. No sayin u good coz your girlfriend says u are, prove it by putting in work"

We are still not sure if Cal's personal list was numbered in order of prominence but we'll be damned if a few visits to the feeling station dont follow Dat Luveve Boy's tweet.Do sound off in the comments section about your particular   top five list of rappers  who have represented Bulawayo.

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