Hillzy and Drew The Mc connect for Chikuru Kufema

'Its Hillzy in the building' and if his work ethic is anything to judge by the talented musician/producer does not plan on evacuating the building anytime soon.From collaborations,feature verses and solo joints Hillzy has been blessing the game with a lot of new music this year.His latest release is a Beatsmith and  Mr Masinhi production featuring a solid verse from Drew The Mc.The song is titled 'Chikuru Kufema' and it sees Hillzy trying to navigate the thin line between his dreams of greatness and the nightmares of faltering that often taunt those.In the end he vows to keep going because 'pasi pemuto pane nyama' which loosely translates to 'i will keep digging in the broth till i find the meat thats surely there'

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